Travelers Choice Sedona 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set

If you are searching for a stylish and eye-catching cabin bag that comes with premium quality features, Travelers Choice Sedona 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set is the right choice for you. The suitcase offers several notable and useful features such as a TSA lock, expandable space, ease of use, and more.

People who travel locally, nationally, and internationally several times a year require a suitcase that is sturdy, durable, and stylish. The hand luggage will become your favourite suitcase to carry on your travels. The cabin bag is perfect for business travellers and people travelling to another city or country for a few weeks.

However, making a decision to buy a bag is not easy, as several factors influence your choice. For this reason, we have made your job easier by trying and examining the cabin bag ourselves to give you an honest review on all the bag’s features.



  • Dimensions:  76.2 x 27.9 x 53.3 centimetres
  • Sizes:  One Size
  • Shell Type:   Clamshell
  • Special Features:  adjustable telescoping handle, self locking retractable push button handle system, TSA lock, airplane approved four wheels


travelers choice sedona 3 piece expandable spinner luggage set

Travelers Choice Sedona 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set

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Sturdiness & Security

You do not want a cabin bag that sustains damage after only a few short trips. Made of polycarbonate material, the bag is extremely durable and lightweight and you can use it for a long time. This carry-on bag does just that. It’s beautiful clamshell design protects your personal belongings and ensures the suitcase does not sustain any damage.

You do not have to worry about squeezing the Travelers Choice Sedona 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set in narrow and tight spaces. If you are concerned about the noise the four wheel system will make, don’t be. The bag is equipped with a noise-free airplane spinner wheel system that allows you to take it through tight and narrow spaces without making a lot of noise.

Another incredible feature about the Travelers Choice Sedona 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set is its security system. The bag uses a three-dial combination lock system approved by the TSA. No one will be able to steal your personal belongings. Thieves will be more reluctant to break into your cabin bag because the probability of them getting caught while in the act is easy. Instead, they look for bags they can easily open, steal, and flee the scene.

Our Rating: 5/5

Ease of Use

You will not run into any trouble when using the cabin bag. Your bag will not get stuck while you are pulling it behind you due to its airplane spinner wheel system, which makes zero noise. The four wheel system also makes it easy for you to manoeuvre the suitcase.

You can use the side and top carry handles to lift the bag or use the retractable handle system that opens with a touch of a button. You can adjust the handle to a height you are most comfortable with gripping and lock it in place. You will also not have a difficult time carrying or dragging the bag behind you.

Our Rating: 5/5

Storage Capacity

A good travel bag is a bag that provides you with ample space to carry your items. If you tend to leave your home with a few things, but return with a lot of things, save yourself money by getting a bag that offers you expandable storage.

The Travelers Choice Sedona 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set expandable storage frees up 25 percent more space. Inside the bag you have lined interior zippered pocket. The bag also consists of a mesh zippered pocket designed in a “U” shape with straps that tie down to keep your personal belongings in place. With this cabin bag, you will never have space issues.

Our Rating: 5/5


The clamshell design is sleek and stylish. The lines coming down the cabin bag with the black border enhances the appeal of the suitcase. The bag has a glossy shine to it that makes it stand it out from rest of the suitcases.

You will also have a choice to select from five beautiful colours. The colours available are black, blue, pewter, red, and yellow. For business travellers, it is important for you to carry a bag that makes a statement that you are here on business. Even if you are leaving the country or city to go on a mini vacation, you can still use the bag to make a style statement.

Our Rating: 5/5

Value for Money

Even though the cabin bag is a little expensive, it is still worth your money. You want a bag that can last you a lifetime and Traveler’s Choice Sedona is one cabin bag that can prove its commitment to you by accompanying you on all your future business and leisure trips around the country and the world.

The sturdy and durable suitcase also offers you plenty of space for your personal belongings. You can make more space using its expandable feature. The TSA approved lock is another commendable feature. It will keep your personal belongings safe and secure.

The bag even provides you with five incredible colours to choose from. You can easily mix and match with the other suitcases you have or take with you when you travel for vacations. If you need a bag for business trips, this bag will do just fine.

Our Rating: 5/5



What We Liked

  • Designed using polycarbonate material
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Clamshell design offers the bag additional protection
  • TSA approved three-digit lock system
  • Noise-free airplane approve four wheel system
  • Available in five colours
  • Expandable feature
  • Straps to secure items inside
  • Zippered pockets

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly on the expensive side

The Luggage Set Is Ideal for

  • Business travellers going on various work-related trips
  • People travelling to another city or country for a few days
  • Families who require a sturdy, durable, and spacious bag