Samsonite Suitcase Termo Young Spinner

Settling on a cabin bag is not an easy decision because you need to look at several different factors before you can decide to buy it. Your choice in suitcases also depends on your personal preferences.

Do you value security over aesthetics? Do you value ease of use over storage capacity? Do you value storage capacity over durability? You need to decide what is important to you and then look at several different cabin bags.

It is essential that you obtain a cabin bag that you will be satisfied with in the end. One cabin bag that you may like is the Samsonite Suitcase Termo Young Spinner. This cabin bag includes essential features that you look for in a bag such as security via a three digit locking system, telescopic handle to drag the bag around the airport with ease, different colour options to help you stand out, and four wheels to make it easy for you to manoeuvre the cabin bag around the airport and through compact, tight, and narrow spaces.

Is this the cabin bag for you? To figure out if you should invest in this suitcase or not, we’ve provided a detailed luggage review in which we mention several good talking points about the suitcase to assist in your decision about whether to buy the bag or not.



  • Dimensions:  85” x 56” x 34”
  • Shell Type:  Hard
  • Special Features:  TSA approved three digit locking system, three colour options, four wheels, telescopic handle, packing straps, mesh compartment, polypropylene material


samsonite termo young spinner

Samsonite Termo Young Spinner

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Sturdiness & Security

In a suitcase, you need the best of both worlds. You require a cabin bag that offers you sturdiness and security. Do you receive these qualities with this cabin bag? Yes, you do! When it comes to sturdiness and security, the Samsonite Suitcase Termo Young Spinner cabin bag offers you both.

In this cabin bag, you receive a three digit lock system and packing straps. The three digit lock system allows you to input three numbers of your choice. Once you have locked the suitcase, you do not have to keep looking over your shoulder to see if anyone is eyeing your bag in the hopes of stealing it.

As soon as they see the three digit TSA lock, they will back off instantly. The chances of them getting caught while trying to unlock the bag to steal your personal belongings are incredibly high. In terms of sturdiness, the cabin bag is an excellent choice.

The hard shell bag, designed from polypropylene material, gives your cabin bag the ability to last for several years. You can take the suitcase through narrow and tight spaces and place them in the overhead bin of the airplane without worrying about the suitcase sustaining a dent.

Our Rating: 5/5

Ease of Use

Even though the cabin bag has a telescopic handle, it is missing important features such as carry handles. You cannot carry the bag in your hand, but will need to pull the bag using the telescopic handle.

To take out the telescopic handle, there is a button you can press to take it out, but there is no way to lock it in place once it is out. From the back, the entire telescopic handle is visible.

You can maneuverer the Samsonite Suitcase Termo Young Spinner with ease around the airport. The cabin bag is equipped with four wheels that can roll with ease on a variety of different surfaces without you having to place force to move the bag. If you have a connecting flight or need to wait a few hours to board your flight, you roam around the airport with the cabin bag with little trouble.

Our Rating: 5/5

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Storage Capacity

The interior of the cabin bag has a mesh compartment secured with clips and a hollow compartment to store your personal belongings. The cabin bag features packing straps that allow you to secure your items in place.

However, the cabin bag does not have any other compartment than the mesh compartment. The exterior of the suitcase offers no additional space to place your personal belongings. If you like quick access to certain items such as your passport, ticket, or other important documents, you will need carry a separate bag for it, as it will be a hassle for you to open the entire bag to get them out.

Our Rating: 4/5


Offering only four colours — black, dark blue, electric blue, and vivid red — your choices are limited. From the outside, the suitcase is beautiful, featuring a patterned front and uneven horizontal lines on the back of the cabin bag.

If aesthetics factor in your decision, you might not like this bag due to the lack of colour options and the simple pattern. If those things do not matter to you, there is no doubt you will like the cabin bag due to the other features it offers you.

Our Rating: 3/5

Value for Money

The Samsonite Suitcase Termo Young Spinner lacks several important elements such as more pockets, more colours, better design, more storage capacity, and multiple carry handles, thus not worth the money. However, if you like the cabin bag as it is and those things come secondary to you, you will find this suitcase worth the money.

Our Rating: 3/5


What We Liked

  • TSA three digit lock system
  • Telescopic handle
  • Mesh compartment
  • Packing straps
  • Four wheels
  • Hard shell design made from polypropylene material

What We Didn’t Like

  • Could use more compartments
  • No carry handles
  • Could be available in more colours
  • Ordinary design
  • Slightly on the expensive side

The Luggage Set Is Ideal for

  • Business travellers traveling for business purposes
  • People traveling for a few weeks
  • Frequent travellers who travel several times each year