Samsonite Flux Spinner Review

For most people, traveling is the preferred way to entertain themselves during downtime. After all, what’s not to like about seeing the expansive world that we live in? That said, traveling is rather difficult if you don’t bring along the proper equipment.

One of the most important things you’ll need is a suitable luggage bag that’ll store your valuables while you trek the earth. The luggage market is currently flooded with a wide array of options — albeit mostly subpar ones. The luggage industry has turned into a modern-day battleground with large corporations competing in the everlasting struggle for dominance.

Samsonite flux spinner

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Samsonite – a luggage brand you can trust

If this is a battleground, Samsonite reigns supreme as the defending champion, seeking to crush the competition with revolutionary designs, superior durability and designs sure to impress even the most discerning of consumers. Samsonite’s brand has become synonymous with all luggage-related products through years of producing top-notch suitcases and meeting the needs of the consumers.

The Flux Spinner Expandable (4 wheels)

Samsonite sells numerous luggage sets, but the one we’ll be taking a look at today is the Samsonite Flux Spinner Suitcase Luggage. The Flux Spinner luggage line is among the top options currently available to consumers. Since its release, it has seen nothing but critical acclaim and public praise.

Whether it’s a review aggregator, retail website, or critic’s blog, general consumers, business men and women, and world travelers have nothing but praise for this model.

The Samsonite Flux Spinner boasts an aerodynamic, metallic and modern design that has been a hit with travelers from around the world. Ergonomic handles and durable elastic grips make it easy to carry and steer wherever you go.

The rolling capabilities of this luggage line provides an added layer of convenience when trying to move with this bag over long distances. Many people say the most suitcases look alike, but there are some pieces of luggage that stand out from the crowd, and this is one of them.

The Samsonite Flux Spinner sports a feeling of refined, business-ready quality can be observed through every curve in its exterior. It’s the same feeling you get after trying on a brand new suit or setting the time on a newly-bought Rolex watch.

That feeling is captured by the Samsonite Luggage Flux Spinner Expandable Suitcase.


The Flux Spinner Expandable Specs


The Flux Spinner Expandable line comes with a limited 5 year global warranty direct from the manufacturer, so no matter how much you beat this thing up, Samsonite stands behind its product.


The model of this line is labeled simply as the Spinner Expandable (4 wheels) version


This model comes in options of: Black, Navy Blue and Granita Red (which is more of a pinkish red)

MATERIAL    100% Polypropylene, with metal and aluminum frames for strength and reduced weight.


The Flux Spinner is available in 55cm, 68cm, 75cm and 81cm versions

Dimensions vary per size, but as a representative example, the 75cm version boasts the following dimensions for reference: 75 x 52 x 31 cm (including handles, wheels, bottom glides, side pockets and other external parts)


75 x 52 x 35 cm (including handles, wheels, bottom glides, side pockets and external parts)

VOLUME (75cm model)        108/121 L

WEIGHT (75cm model)         3.9 kg

SKU (75cm model)     88539-1041


Flux Spinner Expandable Exterior Details


This line comes with a standard fixed 3-digit combination lock set for safe travel


Both standard and lockable zippers come standard to help secure items and compartments


The wheel handle comes in a lightweight but highly durable and strong double tube design.


The Flux Spinner utilizes 4 wheels for ease of mobilization and movement. While smaller sizes of the Flux utilize single wheels, larger models utilize double wheels for additional support.



Flux Spinner Expandable Interior Details


This model comes equipped with conveniently placed and proportioned bottom compartments with ribbons for strapping down.


The top compartment is properly proportioned to hold smaller items and includes a divider pad for separation.

Intermediate / Affordable Pricing

While not exactly cheap for most people, the prices aren’t excessively high either. The price point falls in the middle ground between disposable suitcase and lifelong companion. The 21-inch suitcase is designed as a carry-on but could be a bit too big to fit in overhead lockers of some airplanes.

The cost generally falls between £150.00 – £189.00 depending on the size and options chosen. So while the Flux isn’t a “budget” luggage case, it provides a nice balance of affordability and durability that is sure to last for years to come (remember you get a 5 year warranty).


Stable Maneuverability on the Go

In addition to its appealing design, the unimaginable stability that it offers is staggering to me. The wheelbase is slightly wider than the top of the suitcase which helps regulate its center of gravity even when fully-packed.

The four-wheel design helps the traveler to easily maneuver the case easily while maintaining an upright position, and doesn’t even need to be tipped backward due to the octo-wheel system that moves in every direction.

Its wider wheelbase coupled with the top-notch wheel and bearing system lets the case stand on its own so you don’t have to find a wall to lean it on when setting it aside while you present your boarding pass at the terminal gates or check in at your hotel.

Flexible, Light and Versatile

The Flux is incredibly flexible and light despite its sturdiness, and can meet the needs of almost any traveler. Storage compartments are highly adequate and nicely positioned to safely carry and secure your items.

Fabrics that Don’t Disappoint

The Flux Spinner line is made out of a tough 100% Polypropylene exterior that acts to protect your suitcase from piercing objects that would otherwise puncture its surface.

Beneath this durable exterior lies a honeycomb frame made from metal and aluminum for strength and reduced weight that helps to provide balance, form and function. Some people worry that their expensive, brand-new suitcases might look like a worn out antique after taking it on their first trip but the Samsonite Flux Spinner Expandable line manages to retain its appearance despite its relatively soft exterior.


Color Options that go With any Style

The Flux Spinner line is available in multiple colors. While the range of color options is small (3), they are tried and true classics that accent and compliment almost any style you can imagine.

  • Black – confident, sleek, great for business and minimalist styles
  • Navy Blue – stylish, classic and ideal for the casual traveler
  • Granita Red – bright, fun and energetic


Whatever your next adventure or travel plan, the Samsonite Flux Spinner Expandable 4-wheel line can help get you there in style and with all your belongings safely intact!

The Flux Spinner line is affordable, durable, stable, and feature-packed. Its professional design makes it subtle enough for business trips but stylish enough for personal journeys into uncharted territory.
The cutting-edge design and expert engineering, coupled with smooth stable rolling wheels and sturdy double tube handle make this luggage model a fan favorite.


  • Highly durable
  • Sleek modern design
  • Superior mobility
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lightweight


  • No “sets” available for this line
  • Limited color options
  • Moderately priced

Overall Rating

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