Merax Carry On Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Travel Trolley Review

Have you ever been caught travelling on a rainy day? When it’s pouring outside, your clothes, papers, and electronics can be soaked even when sealed in the protection of a suitcase. And since suitcases are generally closed up tight, these items don’t dry out (can you say “musty”?).

Hardshell suitcases are a nice option to prevent such an occurrence, but the material of many hard-shell waterproof suitcases is often quite heavy. Heavy suitcases mean less space – within airline weight requirements – for your belongings and souvenirs.

So, will you have to choose between a light suitcase and a strong, waterproof one? Thankfully, not! The Merax carry on super lightweight abs hard shell travel trolley has both these features, as well as many others that make it one of our favorite luggage picks.

Keep reading to find out why we love this suitcase so much!

Merax carry on super lightweight abs hard shell travel trolley



Quick Overview

  • Waterproof, rock solid and tough outer ABS shell
  • Lightweight, yet strong and rigid
  • Scratch resistant shell
  • 4-multi-directional spinner wheels for stability and ease of maneuverability
  • Built in combination lock
  • Spacious interior with straps and zippered divider to secure contents


Product Specifications 

  • Weight: 3.50 kilograms
  • Shell Type: Hard
  • Material: ABS outer shell. Nylon interior.
  • Sizes: 20 and 24” options
  • Available colours: Purple, Champagne, Orange, Royal Blue



Merax Carry On Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Travel Trolley – Features


Waterproof – and strong

Okay, so we just mentioned this, but it’s worth bringing up again: this suitcase is waterproof, and that can be the difference between a ruined trip and one full of happy memories. Not only is it waterproof, but the material used to protect the inside from water is ABS plastic. ABS is so strong that it’s also used for power tools (which we know absorb plenty of shock and damage). Whatever your trip throws at this suitcase, it can take it.

Sleek and stylish

This Merax carry on super lightweight abs hard shell travel trolley suitcase may be tough against weather and dents, but it doesn’t look heavy-duty. Instead, it’s rounded edges and diagonal stripes give is a slim and smooth look. It also comes in four color options: cool champagne, electric orange, laid-back lavender, and royal blue.

Built for every height

If you’re average-height, you may not appreciate this as much, but for those of us who are shorter (or taller) than average, vertical luggage can be a struggle. Handle heights are not one-size-fits-all. Merax thought of this, and carefully designed the handle to have three different height settings. With this suitcase, you’ll avoid the stress of wrangling a wrong-size suitcase through the terminal.

Three-digit lock – keep your souvenirs safe

If you’re bringing something home after a long journey, chances are it was important, sentimental, or expensive. There’s nothing more disappointing than carefully picking out souvenirs, only to come home to find them stolen right out of your bag.

With Merax’s carryon, you won’t have to buy a separate lock to protect you from airline theft. It comes with a 3-digit lock installed into the side of the suitcase; you can set the code yourself for maximum security. You’ll be able to fly with peace of mind knowing that everything you packed will still be there when you arrive.

Smooth ride silent wheels

“Whoooooooshhhhh….clack clack clack clack whooooshh…..”

That’s the grating sound of old, plastic, worn-down suitcase wheels noisily running over airport floors.

You’ll spend all day with your carryon bag, so you don’t want to bring something that will make a lot of noise or have a stuck wheel now and then. The designers at Merax understand how you feel about those wheels, so they set out to design something different.

They installed top-quality silent wheels for this suitcase: these glide over airport floors as effortlessly as a figure skater glides over ice, and save you the annoyance of the whoosh-clack-clack soundtrack to your travel.

Not only are the wheels silent, but they have 360 degree maneuverability. This suitcase can stand upright, stay close by your side in a crowd, and turn tight corners without a problem. If you’re used to travelling in crowded or tight spaces, the sleek 360 degree wheels on this Merax bag are an absolute must.


For travellers who often venture through extreme conditions (rain, hail, smaller planes with planeside checked luggage) or prefer city travel (where expensive souvenirs, thieves, and crowded areas are all common) this fantastic carry-on suitcase provides all the essential features for a stress-free trip.

It’s modern, stylish flair is a great way to travel in style and easily pick out your bags in the baggage line from the other “dull” and boring cases. Further, the hard shell provides superior protection while also being pretty light to lug around. It’s not the lightest case we’ve reviewed, but given that it is a hard case it fairs well in this area.


  • Average 4 star rating from customers
  • Great color selection
  • Waterproof casing
  • Durable and strong, yet lightweight hard shell
  • Easy maneuverability


  • Only a single divider on the interior
  • Some customers have noted a strong “new car” type smell and the case needed to be aired out before use

Overall Rating