IT Luggage Wine Cushion-Lux 8 Wheels Large Suitcase

When you travel several times each year, you require a large suitcase that can accommodate all your personal belongings, especially if you intend to bring several things back from your trip. You also require a large and sturdy suitcase, one that will not easily give up on you after a few short months.

The IT Luggage Wine Cushion-Lux 8 Wheels Large Suitcase is a cabin bag that you will not mind carrying with you. Not only is the suitcase durable and strong, but it is also very stylish. The patterned suitcase will not disappoint you in terms of quality and appearance.

If you are searching for a travel bag to take with you on your vacation or business trip, you might be interested in the IT Luggage Wine Cushion-Lux 8 Wheels Large Suitcase. To ensure this cabin bag is the right choice for you, we have written a luggage review on it. Make the right decision by reading our luggage review prior to buying this cabin luggage.


  • Dimensions:  77” x 54.2” x 34.5”
  • Shell Type:  Hard
  • Special Features:  8 glider wheels, telescopic handle, ultra strong and durable shell, expander zippered section, 10 year warranty, packing straps

it luggage wine cushion-lux 8 wheels large suitcase

IT Luggage Wine Cushion-Lux 8 Wheels Large Suitcase


Sturdiness & Security

The IT Luggage Wine Cushion-Lux 8 Wheels Large Suitcase features a quilted hard shell with a ten year warranty. The cabin bag’s ultra strong and durable exterior ensures its ability to last you several years. The bag is not prone to dents due to its hard shell surface. You can navigate the suitcase through narrow and tight spaces and place it in the overhead bin without worrying about your bag sustaining a dent.

If you want a bag that ensures your personal belongings remain secure inside, you may not prefer this bag, as it does not have a TSA approved three digit lock system. However, you can manually place locks on the zippered compartments to secure your personal belongings. You need to buy just one lock, as the bag does not have any exterior zippered compartments, just one zippered compartment that opens up to reveal the interior of the bag.

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Ease of Use

Featuring eight wheel gliders and a telescopic handle that comes out with a push of a button, the IT Luggage Wine Cushion-Lux 8 Wheels Large Suitcase offers increased functionality.

If you want a cabin bag that can glide effortlessly on various surfaces, you need to opt for this cabin bag. Since there are no external zippered compartments, you will need to carry an additional bag to place documents you need immediate access to in a separate bag.

You will not experience any trouble moving the cabin bag around the airport or in the airplane when making your way through the seats via the narrow and compact aisles. Apart from dragging the suitcase from the telescopic handle, you can carry the suitcase using the two carry handles, one on the top and one on the side of the cabin bag. If you need to lift the suitcase to place in the cabin bag, you can do it with ease by using one of the two carry handles given on the suitcase.

Our Rating: 5/5

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Storage Capacity

Do you require additional storage, especially when you return from your trip? If you do, you should add the IT Luggage Wine Cushion-Lux 8 Wheels Large Suitcase to the top of your list for offering additional storage capacity. You can expand the bag by 7.6 cm to create more space for items.

Even without any external zippered compartments, this cabin bag offers you sufficient space to pack your personal belongings. Inside the suitcase, there is a mesh compartment and a spacious compartment with two packing straps to keep your clothes and other items secure and in place during movement.

If you require more space to accommodate your items, you can use the expander zip section to create additional space. If you are carrying this suitcase, you will not need to invest in an extra suitcase when you find out that you have bought several items, as you can easily expand it to create more room.

Our Rating: 5/5


The IT Luggage Wine Cushion-Lux 8 Wheels Large Suitcase boasts a beautiful quilted pattern on its hard shell surface. The wine coloured cabin bag features a diamond pattern on both sides of the suitcase with a beige border. When it comes to colour, you do not have much of a choice, as it is only available in one colour.

If you line the colour wine, you can opt for this suitcase. Both men and women can opt for this bag, as it is a neutral colour, one that both genders can take. If you are looking for a different colour, you will be out of luck and may not want to invest in this hand luggage. If both the colour and pattern are to your liking, you can consider getting this cabin bag for your future travels.

If it is the aesthetics, you are after, you are in luck because this cabin bag does not only appear stylish and sleek from the outside, but also comes in eleven different colours. You can choose from midnight navy, black, deep turquoise, fresh pink, lilac, mint green, porcelain blue, solar yellow, white, hot pink, and navy. The exterior of the cabin bag sports a beautiful black border with horizontal lines on the front and a textured pattern on the back of the suitcase.

Our Rating: 4/5

Value for Money

The IT Luggage Wine Cushion-Lux 8 Wheels Large Suitcase does not have a three digit lock system, it only comes in one colour, and does not have any exterior compartments to place your personal belongings. If you can overlook these factors, you will find the bag worth your money.

If these factors are important to you, you might not want to opt for this cabin bag, as you might find the price of the hand luggage a little too expensive for your taste. In short, it all depends on your preferences and what you consider as important features in a cabin bag..

Our Rating: 4/5


What We Liked

  • Beautiful diamond pattern
  • 8 glider wheels
  • Expandable zippered section
  • Telescopic handle
  • Packing straps
  • Mesh compartment
  • Hard shell exterior
  • 10 year warranty

What We Didn’t Like

  • Available in only one colour
  • No TSA approved three digit lock
  • No exterior zippered compartments

The Luggage Set Is Ideal for

  • Business travellers
  • Frequent travellers
  • People traveling outside of the city or country for a few days