Which luggage set is best for your travels?

A pocket-friendly choice for families and frequent travellers

A good-quality, durable luggage set is a long-term investment that will accompany you on all your upcoming itineraries and make your travel experience fun and fuss-free. Therefore, it is important that you spend your time and money researching the best available options and choose a luggage set that’s spacious, long-lasting, easy to navigate, and fun to look at.

What is a Luggage Set?

As the name implies, a luggage set includes multiple pieces of bags of varying sizes and storage capacity sold together as a set. Luggage sets typically start at 2-piece boarding sets, which contain a cabin bag and a suitcase, and go up to 5-piece sets that include everything from a large suitcase to a small toiletry bag.

Why Buy a Luggage Set?

If you are a frequent business or pleasure traveller or are going on a long vacation to an exotic place with your family, you should consider buying a luggage set instead of buying separate pieces for each family member for several reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • It will save you the time — You would otherwise spend on buying single pieces separately. A luggage set contains matching bags of varying sizes, which means that all your family members will be flaunting the same style on vacation.
  • A 2- or 3-piece luggage — Set is more affordable as compared to separate bags of similar capacity and design.
  • Even if you are not travelling — With family, a luggage set will make travelling hassle-free for you by providing you enough space to carry all your belongings.
  • Whether you are going — On a short business trip or a weekend getaway, with a good-quality designer luggage set, you will always have the right bag for each occasion.

What to Look for When Buying Luggage Sets?

A large number of luggage brands offer complete collections of luggage sets designed keeping in mind the travel needs of customers. From cheap luggage sets that offer you the best value for your money to designer luggage brands that have been designed specifically for fashion-forward travellers, different types of luggage sets appeal to different travellers.Put simply, one luggage set that makes a perfect choice for family travels might not be an ideal pick for a business traveller. Therefore, when shopping for a luggage set, you should first determine your travel needs and the length of your trip. Keeping these two factors in consideration, you should then choose a set that offers you the best in style, functionality, and durability.

When buying a luggage set, you should be looking for the following things:

Number of Bags

Luggage sets are available in varying sizes, ranging from 2-piece and 3-piece luggage sets to 5-piece luggage sets that include two large suitcases, a cabin bag, a duffle bag, and a toiletry kit.

Size and Weight of Bags

Lightweight bags are always preferable as they allow you to pack in everything you need without exceeding the luggage weight allowance of the airline.

Luggage Wheeling System

A good-quality luggage set should offer you easy and effortless navigation. So, when buying a luggage set, look for multidirectional spinner wheels, telescoping pull handles, and ergonomic padded shoulder handles.

Quality of Material

Depending on the material used in their construction, luggage sets can be divided into two types — hard case and soft case. Both of these have their own pros and cons.

For instance, hard case suitcases look sleek and stylish, but are usually heavier than soft case counterparts. So, research the advantages and disadvantages of hard case and soft case luggage and pick the one that will best suit your travel needs.

Style and Aesthetics

As mentioned earlier, a long-lasting luggage set is like a long-term investment that will be your travel companion for years. Therefore, you should choose a luggage set that suits your style.
If you are business traveller, you may want to browse through Samsonite’s collection of luggage sets that feature elegant colours and a sleek, modern design. On the other hand, if you want something colourful and fun, opt for IT luggage sets.

Price of Luggage Set

It’s easy to feel tempted to buy a cheap luggage set in order to save some money to spend on your vacation. But it can be worth spending a bit more on a superior-quality designer luggage set that offers you perfect combination of aesthetics, longevity, and performance. However, if you are still looking for cheap deals, consider buying a luggage set on sale.

Best Selling Luggage Sets

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Different Types of Luggage Sets

Finding the right luggage set can be difficult. For your convenience, we have listed different types of luggage sets and their suitability for individuals with varying travelling needs. In addition, we have provided a couple of our best picks for each type as well, so that you can easily find a good-quality, durable luggage set for you and your family.

2-Piece Luggage Sets

  • What’s included in a 2-Piece Luggage Set?
  • A 2-piece luggage set comprises of:
  • A large spinner suitcase — or duffle bag meant to be used as checked luggage.
  • A cabin-approved bag — Which can be a spinner, a backpack, or a duffle bag
  • Ideal for
  • — Frequent travellers
  • — Short one- to two-week vacations

3-Piece Luggage Sets

What’s included in a 3-Piece Luggage Set?

  • A 3-piece luggage set includes the following:
  • – A large suitcase
  • – A medium-size suitcase
  • – A cabin-approved suitcase, duffle bag, organiser, or backpack
  • Ideal for
  • – A versatile choice for just about any itinerary, particularly for long business trips and vacations


Our BESTSELLING 3 Piece Luggage Sets


4-Piece Luggage Sets

What’s included in a 3-Piece Luggage Set?

  • A 4-piece luggage set includes the following:
  • – Two large suitcases
  • – A smaller cabin case
  • – A small travel tote or a carry-on bag
  • Ideal for
  • – Weekend getaways
  • – Business or pleasure travel extending for up to two weeks
  • – A short family vacation

5-Piece Luggage Sets

What’s included in a 5-Piece Luggage Set?

  • – Two large suitcases
  • – A smaller, cabin-approved bag
  • – A handy travel bag
  • – A toiletry bag
  • Ideal for
  • – Virtually for all business and pleasure travels as these pack a diverse range of options in a single set
  • – Families that are looking for an affordable yet high-performance luggage solution for their travelling needs

In addition to these luggage sets for adults, different luggage brands, such as Samsonite, Trunki, IT Luggage, and others offer children’s luggage sets as well. Kids’ luggage sets are smaller in size to make travelling fun and effortless for children. In addition, they usually feature famous cartoon and movie characters, such as Cinderella, Spiderman, Superman, and others in striking colours.

If you are looking for a funky, durable, and lightweight luggage set for your children, here are a few options that you may want to consider:

  • Minnie Iconic Set 1 by Samsonite — A perfect choice for young girls, this 3-piece luggage set features an adorable dotted pattern in red and black. The luggage set includes a larger upright suitcase to pack clothing, a backpack to be used as a cabin bag, and a toiletry bag to keep accessories within easy reach during travel.
  • Universal Minions 5-Piece Luggage Set — Ideal for short trips, sleepovers, and holidays, this 5-piece luggage set includes everything to make travelling fun and fuss-free for your kid. It includes a trolley bag, a backpack, a draw string bag, goggles, and a wallet.
  • Trunki 4-Piece Ultimate Summer Bundle — With family, a luggage set will make travelling hassle-free for you by providing you enough space to carry all your belongings.

Buying a luggage set is not an easy and straightforward process, particularly when you have limited information available about different types of luggage sets and their suitability for travellers with different needs. This quick handy guide should make luggage buying fun, easy, and productive for you by providing you detailed information about the things you should look for when buying a luggage set.

If you need more information, feel free to browse through our website and explore different information resources about buying suitcases, cabin cases, travel bags, and more.