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Carry-on/ Cabin Luggage Reviews

5 Best Carry-On Luggage Bags of 2017

As a traveller — whether it is for business or pleasure — you require a durable and sturdy cabin bag. You want cabin luggage approved by the airline as well. The suitcase should also offer plenty of space, be easy to carry, and offer security such as a...

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Kids/ Childrens Luggage Reviews

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase Gone are the days when kids happily packed their belongings in mum and dad’s suitcases. Today, they demand their own bags that they can use to carry their favourite toys, clothing, and accessories for a family vacation. So, if you...

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Checked Luggage Reviews – Suitcases

Samsonite Aeris Spinner XL

Samsonite Aeris Spinner XL Review Have you ever tried to travel with a broken suitcase zipper? Lugging your bag through the terminal, clothes and other things spilling everywhere, just wishing you had time to stop and buy a replacement bag? These issues...

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Samsonite Lite Shock 75cm Spinner

Samsonite Lite Shock 75cm Spinner A household name, Samsonite is known for setting new standards in luggage design and construction. The manufacturer revolutionised the luggage industry with its Cosmolite collection that featured stylish hardside luggage...

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Luggage Sets Reviews

IT Luggage Megalite

IT Luggage Megalite Review It’s not easy finding luggage that can meet your needs while still fitting your style. Some suitcases are fun to look at, but fall short when it comes to performance. On the flipside, others are very durable and come with...

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Antler Juno 4 Set Of 3 Suitcases

Antler Juno 4 Set Of 3 Suitcases If you are travelling with fragile items and want to keep them damage-free during travel, you should invest in a superior-quality hardside luggage set that offers you plenty of storage capacity, as well as excellent impact...

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Samsonite Omni 3 Piece Set

Samsonite Omni 3 Piece Set Whether you are heading out for a short business trip or an extended vacation, you will need luggage to carry your belongings. You could pick up a cheap luggage set, but you may end up facing great hassle and inconvenience if...

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