IT Luggage 74cm Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase

The lighter the suitcase, the easier it is to travel with. Most travellers look for a cabin bag that is not only spacious, but also lightweight, as it causes them less trouble when going on short business trips. However, coming across cabin luggage that matches both of those descriptions was hard, until IT World’s Lightest introduced their lightweight Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase.

Does the cabin bag live up to the hype of being lightweight, is easy to carry, and durable for short trips? Luggage Boss tested the cabin bag to provide you with an honest review so you can decide on whether to buy the bag or not.



  • Dimensions:  Large (82.5” x 50 x 28.5 cm) Medium (75” x 44.5” x 25.5 cm) Small (55” x 35” x 20” cm)
  • Sizes:  Large, medium, and small
  • Shell Type:  Soft
  • Special Features:  Telescopic handle, lightweight, four wheels, front pockets, top and side carry handles, packing straps, and zip closure


it luggage 74cm four wheel spinner suitcase

IT Luggage 74cm Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase

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Sturdiness & Security

One quality that stands out about the IT Luggage 74cm Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase is its weight. Marketed as a super lightweight suitcase, the bag weighs around 2.3 kilograms.

However, do not let the lightweight quality of the cabin bag fool you into thinking that it doesn’t provide security to your personal belongings.

You can secure your items with a lock. Inside the bag, you can keep the items in place by securing them with packing straps. The durable fibre glass design of the suitcase ensures your items don’t sustain any damage.

Our Rating: 4/5

Ease of Use

The IT Luggage 74cm Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase cabin bag is extremely easy to use due to the different features it has. You can pack your clothes using the packing straps without worrying about opening your suitcase and coming across an unorganised mess. You can carry the suitcase multiple ways.

You can carry the cabin bag using either the top or side carry handles. If you want to drag the bag behind you on the floor, use the broad push button telescopic handle to carry it with ease. The four wheel spinner adds to the ease of manoeuvring the bag over various surfaces such as carpets, tile floors, roads, and more.

Our Rating: 5/5

Storage Capacity

Since the cabin bag features packing straps, you can pack more items in the bag. The interior of the bag offers more space to pack items, featuring two mesh compartments. If you require additional space for your items, you can pack your items in the two zippered compartments on the front of the bag.

If you want, you can get the entire luggage set of various sizes, large, medium, and small. If you travel several times a year and tend to return with more items than you took with you, the storage capacity of this suitcase will be to your liking.

Our Rating: 5/5


The IT Luggage 74cm Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase is sold is several different colours. You can choose a colour based on the existing colour of your other suitcases if you want to create a match or select one that you find the most appealing. The colours available are black, blue, burgundy, grape print, navy, red, and a fun tropical fish print design cabin bag.

Our Rating: 5/5

Value for Money

If you are searching for a lightweight option that offers you sufficient packing space at the same time, you should order this bag. Even though the cabin bag is more expensive than others, you will find it worth your money due to the durability, functionality, and spaciousness it offers.

Our Rating: 4.5/5



What We Liked

  • A lightweight cabin bag
  • Offers a lot of space, including compartments on the outside and inside of the bag
  • Secures items with packing straps
  • Available in several different colours
  • Easy to use telescopic handle

What We Didn’t Like

  • An expensive option in comparison to other cabin bags
  • Requires too many locks to secure the bag from the outside

The Bag Is Ideal for

  • Travellers searching for a roomy, yet lightweight option
  • Business travellers going on short or week long trips