HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Alex – Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable

Are you searching for a durable and sturdy cabin bag for your next national or international trip? If you are going away for a short duration, you require a suitcase you can depend on, especially if you travel frequently within or outside of your country.

A suitcase that comes to mind is the HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Alex – Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable 65 cm. The cabin bag has shown to be a traveller’s best friend due to the several notable features it offers, from ease of use, security, storage capacity, and design.

To find out if you should get this cabin bag, you should read our luggage review on it. In the end, what matters is that you make a decision you will be satisfied with and won’t regret later on. If you are planning to buy a new suitcase for you trip, check out our review on it and then decide on whether you should buy this suitcase or not.


  • Dimensions:  65” x 41” x 26”
  • Shell Type:  Hard
  • Special Features:  Adjustable telescopic handles that locks in place, polycarbonate material, three digit lock system, four 360 degree wheels, packing straps, zip closure, and expandable

hauptstadtkoffer alex luggage suitcase hardside spinner trolley expandable

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Alex – Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable 65 cm


Sturdiness & Security

A cabin bag that lasts for a few short years is a waste of money. You require a suitcase that will last you several years. If you travel back and forth a lot, it is a must for you to invest in a sturdy bag, one that does not easily sustain dents during transport from one location to another even when placed with other bags in the overhead bin.

This suitcase will not disappoint you in terms of durability and sturdiness. Made from PC/ABS, the cabin bag has a high-gloss hard shell. The hard shell design, made from polycarbonate material, enhances the bags ability to protect your personal belongings stored inside it.

If you were worried about security, don’t be because the cabin bag features a three digit combination lock. You will not have a problem remembering the code you input because it is only three digit longs. Moreover, thieves will be less likely to target your suitcase because it will take time crack the code and open your suitcase to access your personal belongings.

Our Rating: 5/5

Ease of Use

You do not want to spend the entire time at the airport struggling to drag your suitcase behind you. If your flight is delayed for instance, you will be forced to stay put in one place instead of roaming the airport because of the hassle of manoeuvring the suitcase.

By investing in the HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Alex – Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable 65 cm, you will not encounter a struggle. The bag features four spinner 360 degree rotation wheels. The wheels move around in all directions in an effortless manner. You will not have to forcefully drag the suitcase around the airport or in the plane, as you can travel with the suitcase with ease and zero trouble.

To drag the suitcase, you can use the adjustable telescopic handle that comes out easily. You can lock the handle in place after adjusting to a comfortable height. It also offers a good, sturdy grip. To other ways to carry the suitcase is to use its carry handles. The bag features two carry handles, one on the side and one on the top.

Our Rating: 5/5


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Storage Capacity

Unlike other cabin bags that give you a fixes storage space, the HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Alex – Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable 65 cm gives you additional storage space. If you are returning home with more stuff than you left with, you do not need to invest in another suitcase at all.

With this cabin bag, you have the option to increase the storage capacity. The expansion folds inside the cabin bag allow you to expand the volume of the suitcase by 15 percent more. Inside the suitcase, there are two compartments.

There is a zippered mesh compartment on the interior front of the suitcase and another compartment in the bottom of the suitcase with packing straps to hold your personal belongings in place. You may not even need the additional space to store your personal belongings due to the suitcase already giving you sufficient space to store your items.

Our Rating: 5/5


In terms of design and range of colours, the HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Alex – Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable 65 cm excels in both categories. The cabin bag features six indented vertical stripes with black borders and detailing. The high-gloss surface adds shine to the bag and further enhances its appearance.

When it comes to colours, you have eighteen different colours to choose from. Now, that is an incredible number of colours. You can choose from dark blue, apple green, brown, burgundy, champagne, cyan blue, dark blue, dark green, graphite, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, titan, white, and yellow.

Our Rating: 5/5

Value for Money

Even though the HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Alex – Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable 65 cmis a little on the expensive side, it is worth the money. The cabin bag offers you an incredible number of features. The suitcase comes with wonderful features such as a combination lock to keep your personal belongings safe and secure, several different colours, durable material, additional storage capacity, packing straps to keep your personal belongings secure and in place during traveling, and two carry handles and a telescopic handle to help you move and carry the bag with ease.

Our Rating: 5/5



What We Liked

  • Available in eighteen different colours
  • Packing straps to keep items secure
  • Three digit combination lock to minimise the chances of theft
  • Additional storage capacity
  • Telescopic, adjustable handle that locks in place

What We Didn’t Like

  • A little expensive
  • No compartments on the exterior of the cabin bag

The Luggage Set Is Ideal for

  • Business travellers going on short trips
  • People who travel for a few days or weeks
  • People who travel several times a year