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Durable, easy-to-carry luggage that promises you high storage capacity and effortless airport navigation

Eastpak Luggage makes it simpler for you to find superior-quality luggage that offers a perfect balance of form and function with its comprehensive luggage collection. Lightweight, durable, and high in storage capacity, Eastpak suitcases and bags are crafted with superior-quality materials with the latest in wheel, handle, and lock construction to keep your belongings safe from the tugs and throws of travel.

Working since 1952, Eastpak Luggage UK began its journey as a company specialising in the manufacturing of canvas products for the army. However, because of their superior design and long-lasting construction, Eastpak bags soon became the choice of college kids who started using army gear to carry their books on campus.

Today, the company offers a comprehensive range of suitcases, backpacks, rucksacks, and travel accessories that offer the best in style and performance. Inspired by travel and exploration, Eastpak luggage collection has been engineered to make travelling fun, effortless, and safe for every customer.

Eastpak Luggage

Tough, light-weight luggage solutions for modern travellers

The thing about travelling is you never know what kind of situation might greet you once you arrive at your destination. You might find yourself in the noisy baggage claim area of a crowded airport and walk out of the airport only to be welcomed by monsoon rains or rough pavements that may grind down the life of the wheels on your luggage and render them unstable. And nobody likes lugging around wobbly suitcases.

What’s the solution? How can you manoeuvre your way through the crowd of bodies like you’re gliding through a dream? It’s simple. You need a travel bag that not only glides smoothly on the marble floors of an airport, but has also been designed to offer you the same effortless manoeuvrability on rough terrains as well.

In addition, your bags should be lightweight, high in storage capacity, and totally unique in colour and design. If you’re looking for such a high-performance, stylish, and durable bag, Eastpak’s collection of suitcases, backpacks, and travel accessories are what you want.

Designed to meet and exceed the style and functionality needs of today’s discerning customer, Eastpak luggage collection offers you plenty of options. These include:


From laptop bags with spacious padded compartments to keep gadgets safe and scratch-free to travel backpacks that are designed for outdoor life, Eastpak Luggage UK has a backpack for everyone. Drawing heavily from the company’s military heritage, these bags feature a sturdy construction, modern design, and unique colours. For those who want to make a statement or head to work in style, Eastpak backpacks are also available in a pure leather construction that looks luxurious and lasts for a lifetime.

Cabin Size Luggage

Arrive without the hassle of waiting for your bag with Eastpak’s cabin size luggage that has perfect proportions to fit in the overhead compartment of any aeroplane. Infinitely practical, these bags are available in a range of colours and prints to suit your style and travel purpose. Small in size yet high in storage capacity, these cabin bags make the perfect choice for small business trips and domestic itineraries. The bags are provided with spinner wheels and extendable handles so you can effortlessly navigate through a crowded airport and reach your destination with plenty of time to spare.

Business Travel Luggage

The ultimate companion for professionals who are always on the move, Easypak’s business travel bags not only offer you the best in durability and performance, but will also add grace to your travel wardrobe with their elegant design. Whether you’re looking for a cabin-approved bag to carry your essentials, or want to buy a spacious suitcase that you can carry along on your international trips, the collection offers a wide range of options to make your travel experience hassle-free and convenient.

City Break Luggage

When you’re rushing off to have the holiday of a lifetime with your friends, nothing slows you down more than a clumsy bag. Therefore, Easypak offers a complete range of luggage designed specifically for busy sightseers on the go. Featuring a compact yet chic design, these bags are provided with plenty of pockets and zippered compartments to keep your things safely stowed. Equipped with padded handles and wheels, the bags can be carried and moved around with comfort and ease.

Most Popular Eastpak Suitcase: Eastpak Tranverz M Suitcase

Long Haul Luggage

If you are after a super-durable suitcase that you can travel the world with, opt for Eastpak’s long haul luggage that’s practically indestructible, lightweight, and smooth moving. Designed to make your journey fuss-free, these bags offer you high storage capacity so you can pack everything you need with complete ease. The bags are provided with multiple compartments, pockets and straps to keep everything organized and in its place. With padded top and side handles, you can lift your bag on to the conveyor belt effortlessly.

Duffels and Holdalls

With their handsome exterior and hidden depths, duffels and holdalls remain the perfect choice for those who want a stylish bag with cavernous amount of room to carry their belongings. Made with flexible yet sturdy material, these compact bags are an ideal travel companion for those who prefer to travel light. Provided with a padded shoulder handle, these bags can be held by hand or slung over the shoulder to keep the hands free.

Shoulder Bags

Classy detailing, superior-quality materials, and practical design, Eastpak’s range of shoulder bags are sure to give your everyday look an urban edge, while offering you plenty of space to carry all your essentials. Ideal for students, as well as professionals, these bags are designed to be a versatile companion for everyday adventures. Whether you’re heading to work or are ready to impress your college friends with a look that looks casual yet stylish, these bags will offer you enough room for your belongings while staying lightweight and adjustable.

  • Travel Accessories — Whether you need a leather wallet to keep your cards safe, a toiletry bag for your next trip, or a bum bag to carry your essentials, Eastpak’s range of travel accessories has something to offer for everyone. Featuring chic designs, the bags make the perfect hands-free travel essential for both pleasure and business travellers. Provided with well-placed compartments, comfortable handles, and sturdy zippers, these bags not only look impeccable, but also help you upgrade your organisation.
  • Premium Collection — Boasting a luxurious fusion of innovative design and leather craftsmanship, Eastpak premium luggage range has been designed to catch the eye and invite admiring glances from strangers. A creation of Eastpak Lab, these bags are crafted with comfortable Neoprene material with rich leather details that give them an athletic character. The bags feature airmesh lining, soft shoulder straps, and neoprene lined handles to make it easier and more comfortable for you to carry your bag around any way you like.

Find Your Perfect Eastpak Luggage Bag

It is important to pick a quality bag to travel with, but it is hard to know what to look for in an ideal travel bag. You want plenty of storage space to pack everything you may need during travel, but you don’t want to choose a bag that’s too big. Similarly, pick a bag that’s too small and you won’t be able to fit all your essentials in.

Therefore, when selecting an Eastpak luggage bag for your next itinerary, you should keep your travel needs in consideration. Consider the items you plan to bring, the length of your trip, and the place you are travelling for to determine the ideal features for your suitcase. Generally speaking, when buying an Eastpak suitcase, you should look for the following features:

  • Material — If you’re travelling long distance, you should prefer a hard-shell suitcase as they tend to be sturdier and can keep your belongings protected against the damage caused by impact. Bags made with fabric, on the other hand, are a better choice if you need more storage space.
  • Handles — If you would be carrying your own luggage, it’s best to choose a bag with padded top and side handles. This way, you can easily lift your bag on to the conveyor belt or overhead compartment with complete ease.
  • Wheels — There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling a clumsy bag through a crowded airport. To avoid the hassle, choose a bag with multidirectional spinner wheels. With spinner wheels, you can push, pull, or move your bag around in any direction effortlessly.

Need more help finding a high-quality Eastpak Luggage bag that scores highly for storage and durability? Browse through our website and learn more about what features to look for in an ideal bag.