Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case

If you are looking for luggage that is space-efficient, sturdy, easy to manage, and long-lasting, you should consider buying a hardside suitcase of a reputable brand like Samsonite, American Tourister, Eastpak, Antler, or Briggs and Riley.

All of these brands offer impressive selection of hardside suitcases that boast a vast array of features. With so much choice, it can be really difficult to choose a bag that suits your travelling needs and budget. To help you get started with your luggage-buying journey, we are reviewing a popular hard-shell suitcase here — Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case.

Read through to find out if this bag will make the perfect travel companion for you.


  • Dimensions — 79cm X 31cm X 53cm
  • Weight — 4.2kg
  • Cabin-Approved — No


antler suitcase juno 4-wheel case

Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case

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Sturdiness & Security

Made with tough and durable polypropylene, Antler’s Juno 4-Wheel Suitcase boasts a durable, impact-resistance construction. This makes it a good choice for frequent travellers. If you plan on getting souvenirs or any other fragile items as gifts for your loved ones, you might want to keep them in this suitcase since it’s sure to keep them protected from any kind of damage during travel.

The bag is provided with TSA-approved lock, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings will remain safe from theft while you’re busy attending a business conference or having fun outdoors. The 10-year warranty offered on this suitcase also speaks volumes about sturdiness and longevity.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Ease of Use

Despite offering a massive storage capacity of 110 litres, this hard-shell suitcase does not feel bulky at all. It weighs 4.2kg which is impressive keeping its size and volume in mind. Apart from being lightweight, the bag is easy to carry because of its four smooth-rolling wheels and telescopic handle that offer you optimal control of the bag while you’re rushing through a crowded airport.

Our Rating: 4/5

Storage Capacity

Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case offers a packing capacity of 110 litres, which means you can easily pack clothing for a long business trip or family vacation. However, since it has a rigid construction, you can’t overpack the bag and add an extra pair of trousers or some accessories at the last minute.

The main internal compartment contains packing strap and an interior pocket to keep toiletries and other accessories separate from the clothing.

Our Rating: 4/5


The Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case is available in 10 different colours, including black, teal, turquoise, red, orange, grey, navy, purple, yellow, and white. This means that you have plenty of choice in terms of colours. The bag features a stylish front that boasts sophisticated ridges and curves. This makes it a good choice for fashion-conscious travellers who are looking for a bag that’s highly functional and looks tasteful.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Value for Money

If you are willing to spend some extra pounds on a bag that’s durable, good-looking, and spacious, Antler’s Juno 4-Wheel Case should be the perfect choice for you. However, if you are looking for more budget-friendly options, you might want to browse through our website to find cheaper alternatives.

Our Rating: 4/5



What We Liked

  • Sturdy construction and smooth-rolling wheels
  • The Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case is very spacious with a packing capacity of 110 litres
  • Comfortable handles offer great ease to travellers
  • The bag can be manoeuvred well across uneven surfaces as well
  • Plenty of choice in terms of colour

What We Didn’t Like

  • More expensive than other hard-shell suitcases with similar specifications
  • Rigid construction means that the bag cannot be over-packed

The Suitcase Is Ideal For

  • Frequent travellers who are looking for a sturdy and durable bag
  • Business travellers looking for a reliable travel companion