Antler Aire 4 Wheel Suitcase Review

Packing for a flight can be challenging – especially when you’re trying to stay within airline weight requirements (and save your back from a painful strain). Shoes, paperwork, hair curlers, and shaving kits can add up quickly! When you’re choosing a suitcase, it’s important to make sure your suitcase isn’t adding weight to your already-heavy load. That’s where the Antler Aire 4 Wheel Suitcase comes in.

Quick Overview:

  • Innovative Design
  • Feather light construction.
  • Comfortable grip and handles
  • 360 degree rotating wheels
  • Generous 10 Year Factory Warranty
  • Fixed TSA combination lock for added security
  • Expandable for added storage
  • Internal pockets and packing strap along with front pocket.

Product specifications:

  • Colours available: Charcoal, Kahki, Navy, Teal
  • Sizes: C (55cm-33L), M (60cm-68L), 80cm, and L (80cm-101L)
  • Height: 68 centimetres
  • Length: 26 centimetres
  • Width:46 centimetres
  • Volume: 68 litres
  • Weight: 2.40 Kilograms
  • Material Type : Nylon
  • Shell Type: Soft shell
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Lock Type: TSA Lock
  • Special Features: 4 Wheels, Expandable, Packing Straps, Telescopic Handle, Zip Closure

Antler Aire 4 Wheel Suitcase

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The Antler Aire 4 Wheel Suitcase: Light as a feather

A sturdy but airy option, this suitcase can carry your belongings without adding too much weight of its own. It’s just 2.5 kg – about the same as a single pair of boots. It’s a cabin-sized suitcase, so its lightweight profile will save your back when you need to lift it into the overhead compartment.

Not only is the Antler Aire 4 Wheel Suitcase light, but it’s also sturdy, organized, secure, and maneuverable! Here are a few of the features we love about the Antler Aire:

Strong enough to survive turbulence and rough handling

If you have to check your bag planeside, you can’t protect it – you don’t know how airline staff with toss it around, or how it might shift during flight. Even in-flight, if you experience a lot of turbulence, you bag might bounce around in the overhead compartment and come out with some damage. When you invest in a suitcase, you don’t want to buy one that will come back from your first trip with a set of dents.

The Aire is built to stand up to the hard treatment of airline baggage. Antler created this suitcase to survive checked baggage, planeside baggage checks, and all kinds of bumps and tosses along the way. You don’t need to just rely on Antler’s word or our word – dozens of other customers have tested the luggage’s strength and testify to its consistency in resisting scuffs and dents, even on the roughest trips.

Equipped with organization

There’s nothing like opening your suitcase to find your clothes shoved to one side, your socks mixed up in your shirts, and your shampoo bottle popped open and spilling over everything.

The Aire may be lightweight, but Antler didn’t skimp on organizational tools to keep your belongings in place. Inside, there’s an elastic strap to keep all your clothing neatly folded during flight; though some checked baggage offers this strap, it’s not as common in carryon bags. There’s also a zipper mesh pocket inside the top to store your socks, and a roomy front pocket for magazines, laptops, or printouts of travel details that you need to keep handy.

Additionally, because the wheels are completely outside the suitcase, they don’t create ugly dents inside the storage space. It may seem like a small detail – but being able to fold clothes properly can make a significant difference in how your space is used (and how much you can bring).

Secure, for your peace of mind

While you’re travelling, worrying about catching your flights and finding your terminal and navigating new airports, the last thing you want is another thing to worry about. Concern for your valuables (if you’ve stored them in an unsecured suitcase) can distract you from important flight changes and information. Even worse, if you don’t secure your bag and you’re separated from it, your valuables might be stolen.

The Aire protects you from this by coming with a TSA-approved lock. If you’re travelling to the United States, you need a TSA-approved lock to pass security. This lock will keep your most important belongings safe while allowing you to see all the places on your itinerary!

Easy to maneuver

Almost every traveler has experienced “airport arm”: that soreness that you feel the day after a long trip, when you’ve been dragging or steering your heavy luggage through miles of airport terminals.

With the Antler Aire 4 Wheel Suitcase, you won’t have to worry about airport arm soreness. It’s an upright four-wheel suitcase (no dragging at an angle). Also, each wheel has a 360 degree radius – that means you’re able to direct the suitcase to your next terminal with ease.


If you’re thinking about taking a longer trip – one that may involve several outfits or end with a handful of heavy souvenirs – the Aire provides the space, security, and lightweight profile you’ll need to pack everything into the convenience of a light carry-on bag.

For casual, weekend trips, you may not need to worry so much about the weight of your suitcase. But if you’re the exploring type, the Aire can be your favorite bag for your expeditions for years to come.


  • 5 star rating from consumers / travelers
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ample pockets and straps to hold things in place
  • Spacious interior
  • Independent wheels make for a smooth ride & high maneuverability


  • Soft shell might not be as suitable for some items
  • May not work well as a carry on item for some airlines
  • Mesh interior pocket feels a little flimsy

Overall Rating