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It can be a challenge to find luggage that’s both convenient to use and fun to look at. While things like pockets, padded compartments, weight, and storage capacity matter, it’s equally important to select a bag that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the airport floor.

Practical, functional bags and suitcases that are beautiful to behold

It can be a challenge to find luggage that’s both convenient to use and fun to look at. While things like pockets, padded compartments, weight, and storage capacity matter, it’s equally important to select a bag that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the airport floor. So, if you’re looking for a suitcase that offers you the perfect balance of durability and design, choose an American Tourister suitcase that’s has been engineered to be practical and stylish at the same time. Working since 1933, American Tourister believes that travel should be fun. Therefore, the company manufactures superior-quality luggage in distinctive colours and unique designs that make it easier for you to spot your bag on the luggage carousel.

Available in a wide range of sturdy materials, ranging from hard titanium to expandable cloth, American Tourister bags are designed to withstand the pull, tug, and throws of international trips.

American Tourister Cabin Bags, Suitcases, and Backpacks

Premium-Quality Luggage for a Fuss-Free Travel Experience

Aimed straight at today’s tech-savvy travellers, American Tourister’s collection of suitcases, bags, and cabin luggage features a variety of options for individuals who are looking for fun and playful luggage that offers them a large capacity to carry all their belongings to the most exotic locations. Suitable for both pleasure and business travel, American Tourister bags offer the best in terms of storage capacity, manoeuvrability, style, and convenience.

Whether you are looking for a compact laptop bag or a gym bag that you can carry everywhere or you are looking for lightweight cases that you can carry on international trips, American Tourister has something to offer to every traveller. Here are a few options that you may consider when looking for the perfect bag that you can carry on all your domestic and international itineraries.

Carry-On Luggage

Featuring super-strong construction and a sleek, smart design, American Tourister cabin bags are designed to offer you maximum storage capacity without exceeding the luggage size limits of your preferred airline. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a hard-shell cabin bag or opt for a bag made with Polyester and Nylon fabrics to offer you the best in longevity and flexibility.

The bags contain multiple pockets and compartments to keep your belongings aired out and organised. In addition, with their ergonomic extendable handles and smooth-gliding wheels, American Tourister’s cabin bags ensure effortless travel through the airport.

Medium Checked Luggage

Built from Nylon and Polypropylene, American Tourister’s medium checked luggage offers a tough, lightweight solution for modern travellers. The bags feature an array of pockets for effortless organisation and are provided with spinner wheels to let you easily navigate crowded airports.

With their recessed TSA locks, the bags keep your valuables protected during transit and ensure a worry-free travel experience. The bags roll upright, so there is no weight on your arm or shoulder. What’s more, an ergonomic retractable handle allows easy manoeuvrability when extended out and stores neatly inside to ensure compliance with the airline’s baggage size restrictions.

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Large Checked Luggage

Sleek, modern, and ultra-durable, American Tourister’s range of large checked luggage has got you covered! The range features two types of suitcases — hard-shell suitcases that boast a sturdy Polypropylene construction and soft-shell suitcases that are made of a combination of durable Polyester and Nylon fabric.

All American Tourister suitcases feature spinner wheels for 360-dgree manoeuvrability, easy-to-grab top and side handles for convenient lifting, and recessed TSA locks for added security. Because of their large storage capacity, the bags make a perfect choice for long international trips.

Hardside Luggage

Tackle the toughest of terrains with American Tourister’s hardside luggage made from scratch- and impact-resistant Polypropylene. The bags feature dual multi-directional spinner wheels and a retractable handle that allows you to move the case around with complete ease. With multiple curtain and mesh pockets, the bags keep your things organised. Featuring recessed TSA locks and a push-button locking handle, these bags keep your belongings well protected during travel.

Wheel Uprights

Allowing you enough storage space to carry everything you need with style and security, American Tourister’s wheel upright bags are best suited for short trips. Featuring a super-sturdy construction and multi-directional spinner wheels, this American Tourister bag will glide smoothly by your side in the terminal. Carrying it as your cabin bag? Because of its compact construction, the bag will fit effortlessly into the hand luggage compartment of the airline, saving you the time and hassle associated with completing the baggage claim process.

American Tourister’s bags are provided with sports cross straps and spacious mesh pockets for efficient and organised packing. In addition, with their multiple exterior pockets, the bags offer you plenty of space to store accessories and smaller items.

Luggage Sets

Always be prepared for any sort of travel with a complete luggage set that includes everything from a large suitcase to a wheeled-duffel and a small boarding bag to carry all your essentials. American Tourister’s range of luggage sets features a variety of options for every traveller, from two-piece upright sets to an extensive 4-piece set for long itineraries. In addition to offering you the best in terms of style and functionality, luggage sets give you the flexibility to take the whole set along on a long family vacation or just carry a bag or two for short business trips.


If you are on the lookout for a spacious, comfortable, durable, and stylish backpack for your child, browse through American Tourister’s range of backpacks. Featuring a sturdy yet lightweight construction, the backpacks feature Disney and Star Wars characters in vibrant colours. These backpacks are provided with non-slip padded shoulder straps that distribute weight more evenly on the shoulders, ensuring complete comfort for your child.

Find Your Perfect American Tourister Suitcase

Going on a summer vacation or a business trip? American Tourister UK has loads of luggage options in a variety of colours, styles, and sizes. Whether you are looking for a suitcase that looks cool and offers you plenty of space, or you want to get a matching set for your next trip, American Tourister has something to offer to every traveller.

At Luggage Boss, we understand that it’s not easy to figure out which luggage to buy. To make it easier for you to find the perfect travel companion for your needs, we provide you comprehensive information on all the factors that you must consider when selecting a suitcase for your next itinerary.

Here are a few luggage basics that you should keep in mind when selecting an American Tourister cabin bag or suitcase for your next business trip or vacation.

  • Decide How You’ll Use It — Are you looking for a bag for a road trip or do you want something that you can easily carry on a cruise ship? The right selection of luggage depends a lot on your mode of travel. For airplane travel, you will have to keep the luggage rules of your airline in consideration. If it’s a road trip, you will need a bag that’s flexible enough to fit in your car’s trunk. Similarly, for cruise ships, you need something sturdier that can withstand the rigorous conditions of a cruise vacation.
  • Know the Size You Need — The size of your American Tourister suitcase will depend on the length of your trip and the luggage restrictions of the airline you’re flying with. Your personal travelling habits will play a role as well in the selection of the right size of your travel bag. If you are a light traveler, you will probably need only a carry-on and a duffel bag to pack your belongings.
  • Consider the Interior Capacity and Other Features — Once you have completed the first two steps, you are ready to browse through American Tourister’s range of luggage and choose a bag that complements your travelling needs. Here are a few features that you must keep in consideration:
  • Material Depending on the material used, American Tourister luggage can be divided into two types – soft-sided and hard-sided. Each of the two has its own pros and cons. For example, soft-sided luggage is usually lighter in weight and can easily compress to fit in tight storage spaces. On the other hand, hard-sided luggage is a better option when your baggage includes fragile items. Therefore, it is important that you spend some time researching the advantages and disadvantages of both types and choose one that best suits your needs.
  • Internal Capacity — It can be difficult to compare different suitcases on the basis of internal capacity as most manufacturers do not include internal volume in product specifications. However, there are a few features that can help you determine the internal capacity of a bag. These include:
  • Square Edges — Curved corners result in smaller interior volume. Therefore, don’t opt for a bag with squared edges.
  • Outer Compartments — Look for a bag that contains mesh pockets and padded compartments on the outside. This way, you can keep your small accessories within easy reach without sacrificing internal capacity.
  • Wheels and Handles — If you are in dire need of internal capacity, forgo wheels and handles as they can impinge on the storage capacity. However, keep in mind that bags without wheels and extendable handles are very difficult to carry.
  • Manoeuvrability If you plan on rolling your own luggage, choose four-wheeler luggage. Also known as spinners, these suitcases are provided with multi-directional spinner wheels that make it easier for you to pull, push, or wheel your bag alongside yourself.

A practical, high-capacity suitcase doesn’t have to look boring. Make travel fun and hassle-free with an American Tourister cabin bag or suitcase that offers you the best in style, storage space, and manoeuvrability.