Aerolite Lightweight 55cm Hard Shell Review

The Aerolite brand has the great variety of luggage which makes it distinctly known and preferred over most top of the range brands for being inexpensive, ultra-lightweight, and durable suitcases. From a weekend getaway to long business and/or leisure trips, Aerolite has got you covered with a range of well-made carry-ons, hard shells, upright, and under-seat bags and suitcases. Each  piece of the Aerolite luggage is designed to sustain hassles of today’s transportation, the hardwearing manufacturing material makes it the perfect choice of carrier for your travelling needs.

None of you want to get stuck with the inconvenience of broken or flawed suitcase on your long-planned or impulsive expeditions. Aerolite luggage ensures the transportation of your belonging safely from one point to another, without it being the main focus of your attention because you unfortunately had a bad experience with your last suitcases on your previous trip.

In order to prevent the unpleasant scenario of your belongings spilling all over the place or dragging deadweight due to jammed wheels, the Aerolite luggage created the aerolite lightweight 55cm hard shell suitcases to allow you comfortable trips with the stylish cabin luggage case.

Aerolite 55cm Spinner – Just the Kind of Suitcase You Need

aerolite lightweight 55cm hard shell


The Aerolite lightweight 55cm hard shell suitcases come with a security feature in a padlock form instead of a built-in lock or a vulnerable zipper. Which makes your suitcase infallible and reliable against lock-jam and zipper bust, regardless of the amount of belongings inside. The Aerolite hard shell also features spinner wheels, packing compartments equipped with panel divider and elastic straps, several organized pockets, and a wheel handle. The wheel handle is retractable and can easily be locked into suitable position with the push button on the top.

Moreover, the Aerolite lightweight hard shell suitcases are made of ABS plastic, which is sturdy, light, and have extra resistance to scratches. The choice of ABS material keeps your suitcase looking as new as just-bought for a long period of time. To top it all, the hard shell comes in the elegant shades and contemporary design with a lot of space to suit the avid and occasional travelers alike.



Airline Compatibility

The Aerolite luggage has an amazing airline compatibility. Keeping in mind your needs to travel through many different airlines, this Aerolite cabin case is designed to be accepted on majority of airlines in the UK, Europe and North America. Following are to name just the few of them.

  • Ryanair
  • easyJet
  • British Airways
  • Delta
  • Flybe
  • Lufthansa
  • Norwegian
  • Jet2
  • KLM
  • Wizz Air
  • Virgin Atlantic


An Overview

  • Lightweight, sturdy, durable , and affordable ABS plastic material
  • Retractable, easy grip and suitability push/pull handle
  • Made in UK
  • Digital combination barrel padlock security mechanism
  • Even, heavy duty zippers for additional security
  • Scratch and moisture penetration resistance
  • Smooth rolling 4 Spinner Wheels for 360 degree maneuverability
  • Internal Packing: elastic cross straps, two zipper storage compartment and large shoe pockets
  • Spacious capacity



  • Dimensions
  • 35 cm high
  • 55 cm long
  • 20 cm wide
  • Volume: 33 liters
  • Weighs 2.5 – 2.95 kg
  • Made from ABS material
  • Sturdy, hard, and durable outer shell
  • 4 spinner wheels
  • 3 digit combination padlock
  • Elastic cross packing straps and retraceable handle
  • Color Options: Black, Charcoal, Graphite, Navy, Peppermint, Rose Gold, Sliver, and Wine
  • Size Options: 55 cm and 33 L


The Outer Shell

Having the hard shell does not guarantee the durability, sustainability, or the quality of the luggage. Most suitcases out of the vast variety today are in fact susceptible to worn and torn of age, jammed features, and threadbare of frequent use. Yet, there are very few names that manage to live up to each and every specification of durability, smooth functioning, and intact condition despite the heavy duty usage. The Aerolite lightweight 55cm hard shell belongs to the very few luggage brands that prioritize your preference, comfort, and trust on the top.

The outer shell of the Aerolite lightweight hard-shell suitcases is made of ABS plastic material. It has very high resistance to scratch and scuff of varying intensities. The extra seal helps minimize the moisture penetration that allows not only the active sustainability in term of shape and condition, but also the safety of the belongings inside. Many of the Aerolite luggage costumers, specifically the travelers who prefer lightweight 55cm hard shell, have commented on the security of knowledge that regardless of the travelling mode, they are always comfortable about their suitcase’s condition as well as their belongings.


The Retractable Wheel Handle

The handle of any suitcase or carrier plays an important role to make the overall experience smooth and consistent. It carries most of the weight of your suitcase and hence, require resilient manufacturing mechanisms that can comfortably drag, hold, and suspend the load it is meant to lug around. Handles are usually made of strong and heavyweight metallic substances constructed into foldable rods forms.

To accommodate the complete handling contrivance, your suitcase needs to have a lot of space that allows the even maneuvering of frequent push and pull. The handle bars also increase the weight of your otherwise light luggage and restrict the space usage to a certain limit. If you are one of those people who require spacious built in compliance with the amount of your packing and possessions, you absolutely need the kind of suitcase that is of minimum possible weight and spacious interior.

The Aerolite lightweight 55cm hard shell’s retractable wheel handle is made by keeping both these point in mind. You can adjust height as well as weight of the Aerolite cabin case’s handle according to your comfort. If anything, you can carry small bags and other moderately sized essentials by placing them on top of your suitcase without ever having to strain or sprain your neck and shoulders. The Aerolite lightweight’s compact and lightweight handles prevent maneuverability hurdles and can smoothly be pressed down through the ‘push’ button into to internal space of your suitcase. With the Aerolite cabin case, you will have the weight limit to bring back more things than when you left home to embark on the journey.




It is not only us who love the fact of security, durability, and affordability that the Aerolite lightweight hard shell suitcases offers to the travelers. People who are already using it have reported the great satisfaction stemmed out of their comfortable experiences. 

To quickly summarize the overhaul in a bid to provide a glimpse into the strengths and weaknesses of this cabin case, we have established the following pros and cons for you:


  • Sturdy and durable outer shell with high sustenance
  • The retractable handle for smooth maneuver
  • No added weight


  • Hard shell needs specific spacing
  • Limited immediate accessibility
  • Restricted size compatibility

Overall Rating