As a traveller — whether it is for business or pleasure — you require a durable and sturdy cabin bag. You want cabin luggage approved by the airline as well. The suitcase should also offer plenty of space, be easy to carry, and offer security such as a three-digit lock to secure your items. In short, you want a suitcase that can last you several years.

You do not want to invest in a suitcase that easily sustains wear and tear after two to three uses. It is vital you understand the important of carrying a cabin bag that meets all of your requirements and preferences. The year 2017 has seen its share of luggage bags, but of all the cabin bags out there, which five stand out? That is what we’re here to tell you. Here are five of the best carry-on luggage bags of 2017:

1.    Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expendable Upright

This carry-on luggage weighs less than ten pounds and is 22 centimetres long. The lightweight suitcase feature a built-in toiletry bag, mesh pouch, and packing straps to secure items in place such as clothing that may move around while carrying the bag. The bag offers you plenty of space such as additional zippered pouches in the front. The only downside to buying this cabin bag is that its style and design is similar to other cabin bags you see at the airport.

2.    Raden A22 Smart Carry on Spinner

This hardshell cabin bag weighs 8.4 pounds and measures 20.5” x 14” x 9.0” centimetres. The suitcase exudes elegance, as imminent by its sleek and classic design. It comes in different glossy colours.

For business travellers, this suitcase is an ideal choice due to the built-in charger. What’s unique about this cabin bag is that its handle measures the weight of the suitcase. The high-tech suitcase also has a tracking feature that allows you to track the bag’s whereabouts in the event it gets lost.

The four-wheeler suitcase pulls and glides smoothly on several different surfaces such as carpet, pavements, and tiled floors.

The zippers on the compartments of the bag have a protective sheath to prevent sand and dust from clogging the zippers. The durable bag can withstand drops and impacts. The downside to this suitcase is that you will need to carry the bag down the stairs, especially if you are the type of person who likes to drag the suitcase down the stairs. Another downside to the bag is that it is prone to dust and scratches, which is an issue with most hardshell cabin bags.

3.    TravelPro Crew 20” Expandable Business Plus Rollaboard

People who like to carry this bag are flight crews and frequent business travellers. The 20” suitcase, weighing 8.2 pounds, sports two wheels, has a spacious interior, and is easy to carry. Inside the cabin bag, you will find the main compartment and a zippered compartment.

The exterior of the cabin bag features lined and padded pockets, making it perfect for travellers who need to carry electronics. On top of that, the suitcase features a USB port and a pocket where you can keep your charger. The carry-on luggage bag glides effortlessly on the floor and will not tilt or tip.


4.    Samsonite Silhouette Spinner

The suitcase is a choice frequent travellers can rely on to last them for years to come. The bag measures 8.5” x 15” x 21” and weighs 10.05 pounds. The carry-on luggage bag features a telescoping handle, allowing a firm and comfortable grip when dragging it on the floor behind you. The cabin bag has four wheels. You will not run into any issue or trouble as you glide the bag on the floor.

If you want to pack clothing worth a couple of weeks, the bag offers you plenty of space. Inside the main compartment of the cabin bag, there is a snap-out waterproof pocket. To keep your items from moving around in the cabin bag, the suitcase features compression straps. Inside the bag, you will also find mesh pockets in case you require additional space. In addition to this, the bag also features a lightweight hanging organiser designed to keep your clothes wrinkle-free.


5.    Eagle Creek Load Hauler

This carry-on suitcase is 22” high, 14” wide and weighs 1.13 pounds. Do not be deceived by its appearance; the bag may look bulky, but it is ultra-lightweight and has amazing durability. You can convert the duffle bag into a backpack if you require more space to store your items.

Some notable features of the cabin bag include its ballistic material and water-repellent geo ripstop with the bartack support for added strength. There is not just one way to carry this bag, but several different ways to carry it. You can carry the bag using the comfortable backpack straps that you can unzip with ease, the removable padded shoulder strap, and many grab handles all around the cabin bag.

To give you more space, the cabin bag features a zippered bottom. The 360 zippered bottom at the base of the suitcase can be expanded to store more items, if required. You can purchase the bag in three different colours — black, smoky blue, and tan or olive. Each bag has different colour detailing, which complements the base colour of the bag. This cabin is an ideal choice for travellers with plans to backpack around the country or world.

If you have any plans to travel or you are a business traveller who is always in the air, you need a cabin bag that meets all of your traveling and flying requirements. You can buy one of the bags on this list, depending on the type of cabin you like. Do not make the mistake of buying a cabin bag without performing any research, but buy a bag after reading our reviews.

Talking about reviews — we have written many of them — it would be a good idea about now to compare five of the carry-on bags we have reviewed to see which one ranks the best.


Comparison of Cabin Bags

What five carry-on bags will we be comparing today? The five bags we have chosen to compare are:

  1. Samsonite New Paradiver Light Duffle on Wheels 55cm Backpack
  2. DelseyChatelet Hard Hand Luggage – Angora (white)
  3. Travelers Choice Sedona 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set
  4. Aerolite Lightweight 4 Wheel ABS Hard Shell 3 Piece Luggage Set
  5. Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case, Large

Let’s refresh your memory on these five cabin bags (not in any particular order) by giving you a brief introduction on them.

samsonite new paradiver light duffle on wheels 55cm backpack 1

Samsonite New Paradiver Light Duffle on Wheels 55cm Backpack

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1.    Samsonite New Paradiver Light Duffle on Wheels 55cm Backpack

The backpack styled bag comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. It measures 25” x 55” x 40” centimetres and has a soft shell. One of the biggest draws of this bag is that it is IATA approved. That stands for the International Air Transport Association.

The luggage bag is easy to carry and can squeeze through narrow and tight spaces due its soft shell. To keep your items secure, the bag features several compartments. You can also keep your belongings in the many zippered compartments it offers. You can carry the bag by lifting it from its handles, carrying it on your shoulders, or using the wheel handle monotube, which offers a good and comfortable handle.

The cabin bag has two wheels, allowing you to drag the bag around the airport, airplane, and different surfaces with ease. The main compartment of the bag contains straps and a mesh zippered pocket with the front of the bag having one zippered pocket.

With the bag, you also receive a wide selection of colours. Choose from black, yellow, white, jeans blue, and jeans grey. Even with the many zippered pockets, the bag lacks space and does not have a three-dial locking system to keep items secure.

2.    Delsey Chatelet Hard Hand Luggage – Angora (white)

The Delsey cabin bag measures 40” x 55” x 20” and has a hard shell. In terms of both sturdiness and security, the bag is outcompetes other options. The bag’s hard shell, manufactured using premium quality material, protects the bag from dents and damage. The bag’s design allows it to fit through narrow and compact spaces.

The bag features a TSA lock system, allowing you to secure your items. You can carry the luggage bag using any of the two carry handles or just use its adjustable telescoping handle to roll the bag behind you. If you want more space, the main compartment features a mesh zippered pocket as well as another compartment secured by a zipper and with straps to secure items. You can get the bag in three different colours — off-white, orange, and brown. Still, the bag could use more colour options, as three sounds very less.

3.    Travelers Choice Sedona 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set

The travel bag is 76.2” x 2.79” x 53.3” with a clamshell. The polycarbonate material gives the cabin bag its lightweight and durable quality. The bag even features noise-free wheels and secures your items with a three-dial TSA approved lock system.

Equipped with the airplane spinner wheel system and an adjustable handle that locks in place, the bag is easy to pull. You can carry it using either the top or side handles. The storage capacity of the cabin bag is also impressive. If you require extra space, use the expandable storage system to free up 25% additional space.

The main compartment of the bag features a lined zippered pocket and a mesh zippered pocket as well as straps to secure items in place. You can choose from five different colours — red, yellow, black, blue, and pewter. The bag is good in all areas, except for the price. It is a little pricier in comparison to other carry-on bags.

4.    Aerolite Lightweight 4 Wheel ABS Hard Shell 3 Piece Luggage Set

The luggage set is available in three different sizes and has a hard shell. The sizes include 21”, 25”, and 29” cabin bag. To prevent scratches, the bag features an anti-scratch ABS plastic design with horizontal lines on the exterior to improve impact resistance. The cabin bag features a 3-digit combination lock system to keep items secure as well as a five-year limited time warranty.

The carry-on bag features four multi-directional spinner wheels that allow maximum movement. The ergonomic retractable handle offers a comfortable grip. The luggage set, which comes in a set of three, varies in how much they can carry.

The small bag is ideal for a one to two day trip, the medium bag is ideal for a weeklong trip, and the big bag is ideal for a month long trip. You can select from three different colours — silver, charcoal, and wine. The cabin bag is missing a few essential features such as a small size bag for keeping toiletries, padded compartment to store electronics, and it’s available in only three colour choices.

5.    Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case, Large

The Antler cabin bag measures 79” x 31” x 53” and has a hard shell. The travel bag is designed using durable and strong polypropylene material, allowing the bag to withstand impact. To keep items safe, the suitcase features a TSA lock system as well as a ten-year warranty. The bag is also easy to move due to its lightweight design, four wheels, and telescopic handle. Inside the main compartment, there is a packing strap and pocket to keep smaller items.

The bag is available in ten different colours — white, yellow, purple, navy, orange, grey, red, teal, black, and turquoise with curves and ridges on the front. The bag is expensive than other hard shell bags with similar features and its rigid design limits storage capacity.

5 Best Carry-On Luggage Bags of 2017 In Review

Sturdiness & Security Ease of Use Storage Capacity Aesthetics Value for Money
Samsonite New Paradiver Light Duffle on Wheels Backpack 4-star-rating 5-star-rating 5-star-rating 5-star-rating 5-star-rating
DelseyChatelet Hard Hand Luggage – Angora  5-star-rating 5-star-rating 5-star-rating 5-star-rating 5-star-rating
Travelers Choice Sedona 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Set 5-star-rating 5-star-rating 5-star-rating 5-star-rating 5-star-rating
Aerolite Lightweight 4 Wheel ABS Hard Shell 3 Piece Set 4-star-rating 4-star-rating 4-star-rating 4-star-rating 4-star-rating
Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case, Large 4-star-rating 4-star-rating 4-star-rating 4-star-rating 4-star-rating