Finding the Perfect Luggage to Carry to FIFA World Cup 2018

Being a part of screaming fans at a high-octane event like the FIFA World Cup is a dream of almost every soccer fan in the world. And if you’re one of those lucky people who will be realising their dream next year in Russia, you should get started with planning your trip already.

To make your experience of attending the FIFA World Cup 2018 hassle-free and fun, it is important that you make travel arrangements as far in advance as possible. This is important because availability of hotels, flights, and even tickets for a major game can disappear very quickly. So, plan in advance in order and avoid last-minute frustration.

With so much to do, it’s only natural to overlook the task of selecting the right luggage to carry along on your journey. While the selection of luggage may look like a small activity, it can have a drastic impact on your journey.

To make sure that you have a fun-filled, truly unforgettable experience of attending the world’s biggest soccer event, we have compiled a list of 4 Best Travel Bags for FIFA World Cup 2018 that make the perfect luggage for travelling to a major sporting event. These bags have been designed with excellent manoeuvrability, optimal storage capacity, and perfect aesthetics.

FIFA World Cup 2018 – Luggage Transportation Rules

Most Russian airlines have the following policies regarding cabin and checked-in luggage:

  • If your booking form contains the mark ‘1PC’, it means that you can bring only one bag onboard.
  • Most airlines set the maximum luggage weight limit of 23 kg for the economy class.
  • Some airlines may set limits of total luggage weight. The maximum weight allowed is 20kg for travelling in the economy class and 30 or 40kg for those travelling in the business class.

Before selecting a travel bag to carry on your visit to Russia, it is important that you check your airline’s luggage policy in order to avoid exceeding the size or weight limits set by the airline.

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4 Best Travel Bags for FIFA World Cup 2018


American Tourister Bon Air Spinner

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1. American Tourister Bon Air Spinner

If you will be there in Russia for the entire length of the world’s biggest soccer tournament, i.e. for the whole month, this oversize yet lightweight spinner suitcase by American Tourister might just be the perfect choice for you! It is the first of our 4 Best Travel Bags for FIFA World Cup 2018.

Available in 9 different striking colours, American Tourister Bon Air Spinner is a hard-shell suitcase made with durable polypropylene. Unlike other hard-shell suitcases that are usually very heavy, this suitcase weighs only 4.2kg which means that you will have extra capacity to pack in all your essentials. However, it’s not expandable, so you won’t be able to fit in any last-minute items.

The suitcase closes with a zip and has a 3-digit TSA lock as well that will keep your belongings stay safe during travel. A perfect checked-in luggage piece, the bag has a spacious main internal compartment that’s provided with two elastic bands to keep clothing in place, as well as a zipped side pocket to store small accessories.

The bag is provided with four multidirectional spinner wheels and an extendable handle on the top that offers easy yet firm grip for effortless lifting and navigation.


  • Excellent manoeuvrability with 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Hard-shell polypropylene construction that will withstand the rigors of travel
  • Very spacious!
  • Available in 9 different colours, so you can pick the colour of the team you’ll be rooting for!


  • Not expandable
  • Can be heavy to carry because of its large size

Ideal For

  • Fans who will be visiting Russia for an entire month and want to pack all the belongings they may need during their journey



Briggs & Riley Suitcase Torq International Carry-On Spinner

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2. Briggs & Riley Torq International Carry-On Spinner

Travel in style with this cabin-approved spinner that offers enough capacity to pack clothing worth of a three-day, two-night trip. So, if you do not want to be lugging around a big, bulky suitcase and prefer travelling light, you should opt for Briggs & Riley Torq International Carry-On Spinner – number 2 on our list of the 4 Best Travel Bags for FIFA World Cup 2018

Featuring a robust hard-case construction, the bag has been tested by Briggs & Riley to offer excellent impact, scratch, and water resistance. It is moisture- and impact-proof, which means that it will keep your gadgets safe and scratch-free throughout the journey. In addition to durability, this spinner bag is the preferred choice of frequent travellers, since it contains plenty of pockets and compartments to keep clothing organised and important accessories within easy reach during travel.

This luggage piece features double multi-directional spinner wheels that will make it easy to breeze through crowded airports. With ergonomic top and side handles, you will be able to lift your bag on to the conveyor belt or the overhead compartment of the aircraft with complete ease!


  • A sturdy choice for frequent travellers
  • Water-resistant construction that’s ideal to keep gadgets damage-free during travel
  • Easy and effortless navigation with double spinner wheels, a retractable top handle, and ergonomic side handles


  • Pricier compared to cabin bags offered by other brands
  • Heavier than other cabin bags, which means that you will have to keep your luggage weight in check in order to avoid the hassle of checking in your bag at the last moment

Ideal For

  • Travellers who prefer travelling light and don’t want to compromise on style
  • For short 2- or 3-day trips


Aerolite Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Travel Carry-On

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3. Aerolite Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Travel Carry-On

One of the world’s lightest cabin cases, this travel carry-on bag by Aerolite will make your experience of travelling to an international destination fun and fuss-free. Featuring a durable yet exceptionally lightweight construction, the bag weighs only 2.5kgs, which means that you can pack everything you may need during travel without the worry of exceeding the airline’s weight allowance. Our number 3 of the 4 Best Travel Bags for FIFA World Cup 2018.

Provided with double-tube retractable grip handles and four multi-directional spinner wheels, the cabin bag will make it easier for you to navigate through congested aisles and crowded baggage claim areas with complete ease. The bag comes with a 5-year guarantee that speaks volumes about its durable and robust construction. What’s more, it contains packing straps, zipped dividers, and elasticised pockets that will keep your belongings organised and make packing and unpacking less frustrating!


  • Extremely light in weight yet spacious with a storage capacity of 33 litres
  • Contains plenty of compartments and pockets for easy organisation
  • Zip closure with 3-digit combination barrel padlock that provides added security


  • Not expandable and therefore cannot be over-packed
  • Prone to scratching

Ideal For

  • Individuals who do not want to experience the hassle of carrying a heavy bag everywhere around
  • Those who are looking for lightweight and budget-friendly luggage options


Samsonite Aeris Spinner

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4. Samsonite Aeris Spinner

Last but not least of our 4 Best Travel Bags for FIFA World Cup 2018. If you want to invest in a piece of luggage offered by a reliable manufacturer, you should opt for this oversized spinner suitcase by Samsonite that offers you the very best in storage capacity, durability, and manoeuvrability. Available in 8 different appealing colours, including black, orange, fuchsia, green, and many others, the bag is available in the following three sizes:

  • Medium — Storage capacity of 64.5L
  • Large — Storage capacity of 87.5L
  • Extra Large — Storage capacity of 118.5L

To pick the right size, keep the length of your trip and the things you want to pack in consideration.

This hard-case suitcase boasts a 100 percent polypropylene construction that’s strong and durable. The bag is provided with four multidirectional wheel wheels, a long extendable handle on the top, and two handles on either side for easy carrying.

The internal compartment is very spacious and offers enough space to pack two weeks’ worth of clothing in an effortless manner. The suitcase is provided with elasticised bands and a zippered mesh pocket, which means that your belongings will stay in place during travel.


  • Offers plenty of space to pack two weeks’ worth of clothing
  • Durable construction that will keep your belongings safe from damage due to impact or moisture
  • Offers excellent manoeuvrability despite its big, bulky construction


  • Heavier as compared to other luggage choices
  • Does not contain multiple compartments

Ideal For

  • Long trips extending over a couple of weeks or more
  • Individuals who want to carry everything they may need during travel and don’t mind paying luggage checking charges

These 4 Best Travel Bags for FIFA World Cup 2018 top our list of travel bags that are a perfect choice for travelling to Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018. However, before making the final purchase decision, you must consider the maximum luggage size and weight allowances of the airline you are travelling with. On the other hand, if you don’t mind checking in your luggage, you may start shopping right away!